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Some Guidelines on

Paulines is happy to receive and publish your manuscript 소닉 3. However, due to the many manuscripts arriving in the Office and in order to not keep them for a long period of time, Paulines would be grateful if you would read and follow the indications and requirements listed before sending any work:
  1. The manuscript should be an original work not yet published Bowling for Columbine.
  2. The content should be according to our general objective:

“We evangelise the various human cultures by communicating
all that promotes the whole person and regenerates the Gospels values
present in every culture” (Art Android https file. 15 of FSP Constitutions).

According to the policy and strategies proper to this publishing house, we are to be at the service of the Church and of the People of Africa Download the hacking team material. Therefore:

  1. The content should present clearly the official teaching of the Church as it is contained in the official documents: Encyclicals, Catechism of the Catholic Church, etc Download Variable Leap Gothic.
  2. The African Bible will be the only source for the Scripture quotations used in the manuscript Download zeus.
  3. The manuscript should be read by a competent person before submitting it in order to make sure that the content presented is clear, easy to understand and does not contain mistakes Download kakaotalk theme.


  1. The Work should not be a “Doctoral thesis” or a work presented for a BA or MA degree 슈퍼 버니 맨 무료.
  2. The manuscript should be presented in printed form. If it is sent through e-mail, as an attachment, we shall print out the Table of Contents and the first chapter only 옵티머스 폰트. A summary of the work should accompany the work. A soft copy is preferable.
  3. The manuscript must be written in good/correct English using the British spelling Download InfinityBlade.
  4. All quotations must be acknowledged in a footnote, or within the text, depending on the type of publication.
  5. The Bibliography should be well prepared and complete. The bibliography includes: books, documents of the Church, articles and websites. It should be complete with author, title of the book or article, publishing house, place and year of publication.
  6. The manuscript must be presented with well-defined Chapters and a clear Table of Contents.
  7. Upon receiving the manuscript the Paulines Editorial Team will evaluate the Work and only after the evaluation will Paulines inform the Author about the next steps.
  8. If the Author belongs to a Religious Congregation, the Work should have the beneplacito of the Superior.
  9. Please, take note: manuscripts which do not fulfil the above requirements will not be considered for publishing, and will not be returned to the sender.

Thank you for your collaboration.
Yours sincerely,

Sr Praxides