Pope Francis sends message to Pentecostal conference

pope-francis1Pope Francis sent a heartfelt message to a Pentecostal conference, held in the American state of Texas this past week 유승우 선. In his seven-minute message, the Pope said he would speak the language of the heart, which “is simpler and more authentic”. It is a language with a special grammar that has two rules, he said, to love God above all and to love the other Paper fleece Hangul.

News of the conference, he said, brought him both joy and longing—joy in the knowledge that the participants “have come together to worship Jesus Christ, the only Lord” and longing for Christian unity and an end to the separation between faith communities Download illustration ai.

“We must encounter each other as brothers,” he said. “I am speaking to you as a brother…in a simple way… Let us allow our longing to grow.” He concluded by asking his listeners for their prayers 유희왕 프로.

Source: Vatican Radio

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