Pope Francis: God always chooses the small and least powerful

pope163132ex200pxPope Francis says we need to be small and humble to dialogue with God Download poi-ooxml. At the same time He always chooses those who are small and who have least power. This was the core message of the Pope’s homily at Tuesday morning’s Mass in the Santa Marta residence Please fix mp3.

We need to safeguard our smallness in order to have a personal dialogue with God. In his homily Pope Francis reflected on the personal relationship between God and his people – the small and humble – saying God always speaks to us on a personal level, using our names 스케치업 2017 make. “It’s never a dialogue between the powerful and the masses.”

The Pope noted how when God chooses people, “he always chooses those who are small “and less powerful than the others 스카이림 넥서스. We tend to look at the outer appearance or power of people but God has his own different criteria. “He chooses the weak and gentle to confuse the powerful people in our world.” One example of this, said Pope Francis, was when God chose David who was the smallest son, who didn’t count for his father and who had been sent out of the house to tend the sheep Download Reba's Adventure Final Bug edition.

Later David became king but he committed two serious sins. What did he do then? asked the Pope. David humbled himself, he returned to his smallness, confessed his sins to God, asked for pardon and did penance Download a simple ppt template. In this way, said the Pope, “David safeguarded his smallness through his contrition, his prayer and his grief.”

The Pope explained how our Christian loyalty is all about “safeguarding our smallness so that we can have a dialogue with God.” That’s why, he continued, “humbleness, gentleness and daily habits are so important in the life of a Christian” because it safeguards our smallness and pleases God Download The Infinite Challenge Replay. The Pope concluded by imploring God to give us the grace to safeguard our smallness before Him.

Source: Vatican Radio

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