Kenyan Bishops in Rome pray for victims of the Garissa University attack

adliminaKenyan Catholic Bishops at the start of their ad limina visit to Rome have together with Rome-based Kenyan priests, religious and laity prayed for the departed souls of students killed in the Garissa University College attack by Al Shabaab on 2 April 2015 오션혼.

Speaking when he celebrated Holy Mass in Rome Monday, the Chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB), John Cardinal Njue, who is leading Kenyan Bishops on their ad limina visit, urged Kenyans in Rome to pray for the souls of the departed students, their bereaved families and for Kenya’s political leaders to steer the country towards unity and togetherness Checkville.

Speaking at the same occasion, Mombasa Archbishop, Martin Kivuva urged leaders and Christians all over the world not to sit idle-by and watch as evil prevails 스마트 폰 한글 뷰어.

Making reference to the al Shabaab attack on Garissa University College that left 148 dead, Archbishop Kivuva said some Christians have resigned themselves to fate and refuse to stand up to be counted as Christians download gHub.  “Christians are charged with responsibility to be true witnesses of Christ and therefore should do not be afraid to be called  thus,” he said.

Archbishop Kivuva condemned the terrorists and their intention to create hatred among Kenyans by dividing the people along religious and ethnic lines and  causing fear and suspicion amongst Kenyans Download Windows 7 Defender. “Why should we kill each other like this?” He asked.

The Mombasa Archbishop said, “Christ died to make us equal, to reach out to others and he sends us out to bring peace and unity to the world regardless of our ethnicity or religion” a teaching he said, that has been downplayed by Kenya’s leaders who put their self-interests ahead of everything I'm a guigeti download in English.

Catholic Bishops of Kenya are in Rome for their ad limina visit that started on 13 April and will end on 17 April, 2015 Download Reba's Adventures.
Every five years Catholic Bishops all over the world visit the Pope and the Holy See in an ad limina visit. While in Rome the Bishops venerate the tombs of the Apostles; meet with the Pope and give an account of their Dioceses to the Holy Father Hanshow 2010.

(Rose Achiego in Nairobi; Fr. Arnold Maronga in Rome)

Source: Vatican Radio

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