AFRICA/CENTRAL AFRICA – Bishops Message: “Let us rebuild our Country together in peace”

Bangui – “It is important to re-create the conditions of harmonious coexistence, in the interest of each one of us and of our beloved nation, by taking courageous measures, with the help of the international community” Download the Pokémon Theatrical Dubbing. This is the appeal launched by the Bishops of the Central African Republic in their message entitled “Let us rebuild our country together in peace”, published on 8 January and sent to Fides Download Insniti.

Remembering that Christmas celebrates the birth of the Prince of Peace, “the one who frees man from his fears”, the Bishops stressed that “sadly we have made it a day of tears and mourning Fifa 12 apk. While the world, was celebrating this happy event, we were spending our time killing one another. The people of Bossangoa, Bouar, Bozoum, Gaga and Bangui have been particularly traumatised by this fratricidal violence” 축구게임. The message expresses sorrow for the nationals from neighboring Countries “who have been settled for decades in Central Africa and have contributed to the development of our Country” forced to flee the violence 자동차 양도증명서. “It is equally disheartening to hear some of our countrymen speaking of the partition of the Central African Republic”, the Bishops added Download youtube age-restricted videos. The message was published shortly before the resignation of President Michel Djotodia and the Prime Minister Nicolas Tiengaye . The President of the National Transitional Council, Alexandre -Ferdinand Nguendet, has assumed the position of ad Interim Head of State 트랜스포머3.

According to the Bishops to lead the Country out of this “unprecedented crisis” we must rebuild the military and police apparatus to secure the lives and property of all; minimize the transition period and to organize new elections as soon as possible; create an independent international commission of inquiry to investigate human rights violations in Central Africa; reconsider the presence of Chadian troops ; to disarm, demobilize and repatriate Chadian – Sudanese; promote dialogue between believers of different religions living together in Central Africa 포켓몬스터 xy 한글판. The Bishops finally thank the international community for the help offered to the Country.

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