Bible Enthronment at Defense Headquarters, Nairobi

On July 6th 2014, a Bible day, organized by the Daughters of St Download pptx viewer. Paul was celebrated at the Defense Head Quarters’, SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Parish.

Fr. Paul Ng’ang’a from the Catholic Diocese of Nyahururu and lecturer at CUEA was the guest speaker, on the theme: ‘Celebrating the Word of God as a soldier of Christ in my family, nation and the world’ Download the keyboard color.

In a solemn procession of Gospel song and dance led by the parish youth and choir, we entered the church where, the Bible enthronement ceremony, the input on the theme of the celebration, and eventually the solemn Eucharistic celebration took place Download Ravenfield Beta 7.

After thanking the sisters for the significant mission they carry out in the church, Fr Paul Ng’ang’a, gave a summary of the different sections of the Bible and their significance Download The Walking King.

He focused on the importance of the armor of deep faith in God’s word, for the devil comes in the lives of people to scatter, to kill and to destroy download mfc100ud.dll.

Giving different examples of how the devil manifests itself he explained how sin could be perpetuated from one generation to another. They were all invited to make their own, St Jsp bulletin board file upload. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians 6: 10-19

Fr. Paul encouraged them to be courageous and trusting, for the Lord their God is always with them wherever they go Winamp. Joshua 1:9
Vesting themselves with the belt of truth, the bracelet of righteousness, shoes of readiness to preach peace and reconciliation, then the helmet of salvation would be theirs Download mysql table.

Speaking to Mr. Gituma, one of the military bosses, he highlighted that as soldiers they require spiritual support for them to fulfill their duty and mandate to the people of Kenya in a manner that pleases and praises God 소규모 아카시아 밴드. “The spiritual well being forms the greatest pillar of their training,” he added. He was very grateful that we thought of them and gave our time for their spiritual nourishment. He was so happy and proud to have his own copy of the African Bible and hoped he would fully make use of it.

“The outside world thinks that we soldiers do not believe in God,” Mr Ng’eny, a staff officer remarked. To him that’s a misconception because during the enlistment, the first question asked is, the religion one subscribes to. If one is pagan, one is disqualified. He also acknowledged that as Catholics, we don’t familiarize ourselves with the Bible, therefore it is vital to read, internalize and understand the Holy Scriptures, for nourishment of the heart and spirit.

“Now that I have my copy, how best can I approach, familiarize and utilize this beautiful gift of the African Bible? Should I just read it as a novel?” One soldier asked. What do YOU think?

Surely, what was shared, their active participation and the challenging questions they themselves asked after the input, would give the soldiers a back bone, a thirst and a springboard to peruse a few more pages of the word of God, as they daily seek to understand and respond to the plan of God in their demanding and challenging responsibility to their families and the nation at large.

It was all broad smiles of gratitude as the Christians came forward with their Bibles to receive blessings, their certificates of participation, and to make their prayer of commitment to God’s Word together. They were proud to have been part of the celebration. Enthusiastically they promised to make the Word of God the center of their family lives and mission. This was evident from the number of Bibles that were diffused, given the limited number of parishioners. Glory to God!

Srs. Roselyne, Zabencia, Joan and Cecilia fsp.

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