AFRICA/KENYA – “Church calls on Government to hire chaplains in Schools to end arson”

Nairobi – “We have noted with concern and there seems to be evidence that most of students involved in burning of schools are vulnerable children some coming from dysfunctional families, others are orphans”, said His Exc Download gwx. Mgr. Maurice Muhatia Makumba, Bishop of Nakuru and Chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops-Commission for Education and Religious Education who has called on the government to hire school chaplains to help end arson in schools which have recently occurred across the Country ai 1003h exe 다운로드.
Mgr. Makumba proposes the launching of programs to support families of children in need, “organized by the Ministry of Education in association with religious organizations Roll voice. The latter should be facilitated in conducting training programs for students through the institutionalization of chaplains services in all schools”.During the Conference The Minister of Education of Kenya, Fred O 포이온. Matiang’i said that “we are working on a new scheme of service that would enable the government to post chaplains from mainstream churches in secondary schools from the next financial year” Download Word Viewer.

Source: Vatican Radio

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