Daily Reflections

April 27 

Scripture reading: Jn 6:1-15

“The joy of the Gospel is not just any joy. It consists in knowing one is wel­comed and loved by God. As the Prophet Isaiah reminds us (cf. 35:1-6a, 8a, 10), God is he who comes to save us and who seeks to help, especially those who are fearful of heart. His coming among us strengthens us, makes us steadfast, gives us courage, makes the desert and the steppe rejoice and blossom; that is, when our lives becomes arid. And when do our lives become arid? When they lack the wa­ter of God’s Word and his Spirit of love.”
Angelus, December 15, 2013.

Question for Reflection
Do I allow my life to be nourished by God’s word?

Adapted from: “Daily Journey with Pope Francis for the Year of Mercy” , by Emmanuel Ojeifo 
| Year of publication: 2015, | (Paulines Publications Africa)