Daily Reflections

June 22 

Scripture reading: Mt 7:15-20

“The proclamation of the Gospel is destined for the poor first of all, for all those all who all too often lack what they need in to live a dignified life. To them first are proclaimed the glad tidings that God loves them with a preferential love and comes to visit them through the charitable works that Disciples of Christ do in his name. Go to the poor first of all: this is the priority. At the moment of the Last Judge­ment, as we can read in Matthew 25, we shall all be judged on this.”

Address, June 17, 2013..

Question for Reflection

Do I always remember that the poor need spiritual bread too?

Adapted from: “Daily Journey with Pope Francis for the Year of Mercy” , by Emmanuel Ojeifo 
| Year of publication: 2015, | (Paulines Publications Africa)