Books & Media Centres

The Book and Media Centre is the distribution centre of all the initiatives of Paulines apostolate.

• Paulines Book and Media Centres are centres open to the public as a means of apostolate, from which rays of light and grace to enlighten and animate people spread
• It is God’s publishing House
• The Book and Media Centre is a church
• The person behind the counter, which is a pulpit of truth, is a preacher
• The products people are looking for are enlightenment, holiness and joy in Jesus Christ, and a Christian life
(Cf. Blessed Fr James Alberione)

Our Book and Media Centres are centres of apostolate:
• They are not shops, but a service to the faithful.
• Not sales, but apostolate through offerings.
• They do not have customers but co-operators.
• They are not businesses, but centres of light and fervour in Jesus Christ.
• Their aim is not profit, but to serve the Church and people.
• They do not exploit people but are of service to them.

Paulines Publications has distribution Centres in various parts of the world.

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