The New African Bible



This second edition of “The African Bible”, from now on, will be called “The New African Bible” and rightly so. The features are the same. However, this new edition contains the revised version of the Old Testament from the New American Bible. The New Testament was already revised in the first edition. The revision was done over 35 years in order to bring the biblical text closer to the original texts. Introductions, comments and notes have been revised and many added. The Glossary comes to you with many more entries, making it a precious tool for students and those who want to deepen relevant specific topics. New illustrations were also added. The African Bible now has 2240 pages and it costs only US$ 15.00. A golden-edge edition is also available and it costs only US$ 25.00.

ISBN 9966-08-595-5;
Size 15x21cm;
Pages 2240 ; hardbound;
Year of publication 2011;

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The New African Bible – Pocket edition
This Pocket edition contains: The Biblical text of The American Bible, the full text of the introductions of the Standard Edition of The New African Bible, and abbreviated notes and illustrations.
ISBN: 9966-08-687-0
Pages: 1,344Size:  10.2x12cm
Colors:  Red/ Brown/ Green
Publication: 2013
PRICE: Normal US $ 8.00 
PRICE: Golden Edge US $ 15.00 

biblia-ya-kiafrikaSWAHILI AFRICAN BIBLE
This publication of The African Bible in Swahili is the answer to the Pope’s call and to the African Synod’s invitation: “In order that the Word of God may be known, loved, pondered and preserved in the hearts of the faithful (cf. Lk 2:19.51), greater efforts must be made to provide access to the Sacred Scriptures, especially through full or partial translations of the Bible… accompanied by study guides for use in prayer and for study in the family and community” (The Church in Africa, No. 58).

Publication 2010
Size 15×21 cm;
ISBN 9966-08-481-9
Pages 2222; hardbound
Price: US$ 10.00


A pocket-size edition of the New Testament and Psalms, with the synthesis of the Catechism of Catholic Church in the format of footnotes.

ISBN 9966-21-935-8;
Pages 672;
Year of publication 2004;
Price: US$ 3.00


A pocket-size edition of the Gospels with a selection of Psalms for each day of the week and the most important common prayer. New translation of the Biblical text enriched by the introduction, comments, notes and illustration from “The African Bible”

ISBN 9966-21-979-x;
Pages 256;
Year of publication 2004;
Price: US$ 1.30