Blessing of Paulines Communications Centre in Nairobi

IMG_3812The 9th of December will be a day to be remembered in the history of the Daughters of St Paul in Kenya. The Paulines Communications Centre was finally opened after many months of planning and hard work. The centre consists of a book centre, a hall, a studio and in future, a television station. For the first time in Kenya, the Daughters of St Paul (FSP) now have their own book centre. Until now, the sisters have worked in the Catholic Bookshop which belongs to the diocese. They will however continue offering their services at the Catholic Bookshop.
The occasion was graced by the presence of three bishops: the guest of honour, Rt Rev. Philip Anyolo, (Chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops), Rt Rev. Joseph Obanyi, (Chairman of the Commission for Social Communications, KCCB), and Rt. Rev. Peter Kihara (Bishop of Marsabit). Also present were the Italian and the Mozambican Ambassadors, many friends, (both religious and laity) and well-wishers. It was the first time that both Ambassadors, were stepping into the Pauline premises. The Pauline co-operators were also present for the occasion. In all, there were more than 200 participants for the occasion.
There was the enthronement of the Bible, during which the scripture was read and the Bible carried in procession to the book centre. It was then handed over to the main celebrant (Rt. Rev Bishop Anyolo) who enthroned it in the book centre. All the participants then made a commitment to read and live the Word of God. After the enthronement of the Bible, the different sections of the centre were blessed, beginning with the statue of St Paul. A man size statue of St Paul has been placed in front of the centre as a reminder of the apostle of the Gentiles, who inspirits and inspires the Pauline mission.
The words of appreciation and encouragement from all the speakers during the occasion will remain in the hearts of the Daughters of St Paul.IMG_4125
At the end of the celebration, a souvenir was given: a beautiful bag, with the map and direction to the Paulines Communications Centre, which contained a copy of the Holy Gospels, a Calendar and the booklets on Thecla and Alberione.
Paulines Communications Centre is open to everyone.


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