ASIA/CHINA – 2014 “Year of the Gospel” in the parish of Xi Liu Lin


topTai Yuan – To read, study, transcibe, memorize, transmit, and live the Gospel: these are the objectives proposed in the Year of the Gospel proclaimed in Xi Liu Lin parish of the Diocese of Tai Yuan, in mainland China, so as to respond to Pope Francis’ apostolic Exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium” and as an ideal continuation of the Year of faith. According to information sent Fides Agency, the parish has invited all the faithful to live 2014 intensely, referring to the Gospel, because “the Gospel of Christ is the source of our life”.

These are the recommendations given by the parish: “To read the Gospel, in order to have a more complete understanding of Jesus and faith; to believe and to imitate him”; “to study the Gospel in the family, in the parish… to learn to be his disciples”; “to transcribe the Gospel in order to engrave it in the minds and hearts”; “to memorize the Gospel helps the faithful to enter into Jesus’ life”; “to live the Gospel the faithful are asked to put the Gospel at the center of their life”.

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