Paulines books and audiovisuals Africa is an activity of the Daughters of St Paul, an international religious congregation using the communications media to spread the Gospel message and to promote the Dignity of All People.

The mission of the Daughters of St Paul is to be at the service of evangelisation through the means of social communications: “To do the charity of the truth” according to Blessed James Alberione, their founder. Paulines’ strategies and priorities are set according to the needs of the people and following the directives of the Congregation and the Church, particularly the African Church.


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Churchill Ochieng & Mela Tomaselli

The Sunday Missal contains the newly translated Order of the Mass and all the Sunday prayers that are found in The Roman Missal. It includes also all the biblical readings for Sundays, as well as the solemnities and feasts which are celebrated on Sunday. It is printed in two formats, the standard edition and the pocket edition.

Standard edition
This volume aims at assisting the priests for the celebration of the Sunday Eucharist in small chapels, schools and outstations.

ISBN 9966-08-575-0
Price: US $ 23.00

Pocket editions
This edition of The Sunday Missal aims at helping the faithful to take active part in the Celebration of Mass.

ISBN 9966-08-578-5
Price: Pocket Normal Edition: US $ 15.00
Price: Pocket Golden Edge: US $ 23.00