Paulines books and audiovisuals Africa is an activity of the Daughters of St Paul, an international religious congregation using the communications media to spread the Gospel message and to promote the Dignity of All People.

The mission of the Daughters of St Paul is to be at the service of evangelisation through the means of social communications: “To do the charity of the truth” according to Blessed James Alberione, their founder. Paulines’ strategies and priorities are set according to the needs of the people and following the directives of the Congregation and the Church, particularly the African Church.


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When does it mean: think globally and act locally?
By Paulines Editorial Team

Globalisation is the process of national and international integration. However, in spite of this emphasis on integration, globalisation also stresses the importance of the local regions having control over their own affairs.

ISBN: 9966-08-839-3
PRICE: US$ 1.30
Pages: 64
Publication: 2014
GENDER CONCERNS - for Everyone
Have women the same rights as men?
By Paulines Editorial Team

Human beings are equal in dignity and rights. Women, being equal to men, want to live in a society where all women feel safe, have an adequate standard of living, a decent home, access to the same resources as men, and a society where they are not disadvantaged because of their gender.

ISBN: 9966-08-837-7
PRICE: US$ 1.30
Pages: 62
Publication: 2014
Bishop Colin C. Davies, MHM

Memories and Reflections of 53 years of Missionary life in Kenya.

Bishop Colin Davies of the Mill Hill Missionaries has spent 53 years as a missionary in Kenya. He has a unique experience of the evolution of Christianity in Maasailand, and a first-hand knowledge of the important events in the Church in Kenya over the past half-century. In "From Pilot to Pastoral Bishop" Bishop Davies shares the lessons of his long missionary ministry and his recommendations for the flourishing of the future Church in Kenya. The book is an unrepeatable legacy of a genuine pioneer.

ISBN: 9966-08-811-3
Publication: 2014
Price: US$ 6.00
Witnesses in the Footsteps of Saint Daniele Comboni in Sudan and South Sudan

By Comboni Sisters, Brothers and Fathers

"Servants of the Gospel" is a book that presents many Comboni missionaries who lived remarkable lives in the footsteps of St. Daniel Comboni their founder. Comboni Missionaries - Sisters, Brothers, Priests have interpreted, in different times and context, the inspiring vision of their founder.
"Courage for present but especially for the future." (Daniel Comboni)

ISBN: 9966-08-822-9
Pages: 235
Publication: 2014
Price: US$ 6.00
WEB 2.0
Relationships in the Internet Age
Antonio Spadaro, SJ

This book is about the world of communication; how it brings humanity together and how the social media has become a place of participation and sharing.

ISBN: 9966-08-830-x
Pages: 96
Publication: 2014
PRICE: US$ 4.00
The Word of God for the Youth
Maria Rosa Poggio

The mission of Jesus is not yet over. The adventure of the Apostles continues today, with each young person of today. Jesus still calls young apostles by name, even today.

ISBN: 9966-08-823-7 Pages: 96
Publication: 2014
PRICE: US$ 5.00
Challenges and Tips for a stable Marriage
Tom & Lynette Lichuma

The book explains what is needed to be a successful husband. A man can claim to be a gentleman only when he has a positive attitude towards his family and when he is in good relationship with his wife and their children.

ISBN: 9966-08-826-1
Pages: 96
Publication: 2014
PRICE: US$ 2.00
by Theresia Makau

A book that helps all young mothers appreciate the beauty of motherhood and enjoy being a mother from the beginning. This book give tips to young mothers on how to take care of their children, the whole family and how to achieve their own dreams.

ISBN: 9966-08-765-6
Pages: 64
Publication: 2013
Price: US$ 1.50
By Ed. Augustine Nemer, fsp

This is a story, which began in India with a very unhappy child and ends in England with two very happy children who knew how to change their attitudes to the happenings of life.

ISBN: 9966-08-825-3
Pages: 96
Publication: 2014
PRICE: US$ 2.50
Story of Sara Crewe

By Frances Hodgson Burnett
ISBN: 9966-08-807-5
Pages: 119
Publication: 2014
Price: US$ 2.00
Can conflicts be peacefully resolved?
By Patrick Ryan

This book explores the reality of conflict and resolutions to human problems. Since the dawn of the human race conflicts have been the catalyst for us to sit down and debate issues, to clarify confusion, to correct mistakes, and to arrive at the truth.

ISBN: 9966-08-831-8
PRICE: US$ 1.30
Pages: 96
Publication: 2014
In Peace Building in Africa
Elias O. Opongo & David Kaelemu

This book is a collection of articles from different voices in Africa, expressing the role of many Christian leaders who have transformed the society through their lives and commitment to justice and reconciliation.

ISBN: 9966-08-817-2
Pages: 96
Publication: 2014
PRICE: US$ 10.00
Bishop Hubert Bucher

Tradition tells us that the Rosary was given by Our Lady to St Dominic over 800 years ago, and that Dominic propagated its use. Over the centuries Catholics all over the world have known and used the Rosary. In recent years its use has declined as a family prayer.

“The Living Rosary” is a booklet that promotes devotion to this once-popular prayer. The author, the Emeritus Bishop of Bethlehem in South Africa, is a life-long devotee of the Rosary, and wants to counteract the contemporary lack of appreciation for the Rosary.

He proposes a new method for the Rosary, i.e. a Rosary group or circle. This means that a minimum of five people gather to pray, say, the Joyful Mysteries. Each one takes one decade (only) of the Rosary, and says that same decade for a week. For the second week each of the five takes a different decade, and again says that decade only for a week. At the end of five weeks the five members will have completed the full five decades of the Rosary.

When the five decades have been completed after five weeks, the members of the group move on to the next mystery, i.e. the Sorrowful Mysteries. And so on until the four Mysteries (Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Light) are completed.

ISBN: 9966-08-812-1
Pages: 88
Publication: 2014
Price: US$ 1.80
Silvano Fausi

"Unfolding the Gospel of Mark: A Narrative Catechesis, Part 2" is the second and final part of a series of commentaries on Mark's gospel.

The commentary follows an ancient method of meditation on Scripture, the Lectio Divina.

The author, Fr Silvano Fausti, is a Jesuit professor of Theology with over twenty years experience of proclaiming the Word of God in a variety of contexts. In this series he combines his life experience with modern scholarship to produce a rigorous reflection on what is considered to be the earliest of the four gospels. The work is a dialogue with the One who was sent in order that we might know, love and serve Him with joy.

ISBN: 9966-08-814-8
Pages: 270
Publication: 2014
Price: US$ 6.00
"The Story of my Life: Gift and Mystery" by Saint John Paul II is a reprint of the edition first published in 1996. This edition is being launched to mark the canonisation of John Paul in 2014.

The book is an autobiography of the pope's early life in Cracow, Poland, culminating in his ordination to the priesthood.

The book opens with the pope as a young boy growing up in Cracow. It covers his schooling, the evolution of his call to be a priest, and his seminary studies. Pope John Paul II briefly gives an accountof his first appointments after ordination, and his growth into the life of the priesthood.

The autobiography concludes with a reflection by the pope on the meaning of the priesthood.

ISBN: 9966-21-293-0
2nd Reprint: 2014
Price: US$ 3.00
Edited by Luigi Antonio Clerici
This collection of texts is an attempt at providing African students with direct access to elementary patristic sources for use in courses such as early Church History, Patristics, Liturgics, and Sacramentology.

ISBN: 9966-08-808-3
Pages: 160
Prices: US$ 3.50
Publication: 2014
The Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis, “The Joy of the Gospel” invites the reader to “recover the original freshness of the gospel,” to discover new avenues of being creative without leaving aside Christ. It addresses the need for a radical conversion within all sectors of the Church and society.

ISBN: 9966-08-792-3
Pages: 144
Publication: 2013
Price: US$ 2.50
This book is for those who interact with, and care for young people in any way, but particularly for those whose work as counsellors in schools, colleges and universities.

ISBN: 9966-08-772-9
Pages: 192
Publication: 2013
Price: US$ 6.00


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Agnes & Salem de Bezenac

Teach your children the beauty of trusting God at all times! With Psalm 121 you help them appreciate more the presence of God in their everyday activities.

ISBN: 9966-08-714-1
Publication: 2014
Price: US$ 1.30